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    593 S. Birdneck Road Ste 101

    Virginia Beach, Va 23451

    We are appointment based. Call or text to schedule your meeting.

    Phone: 757-348-2030


    So what do you do when you decide you want us to shape your next stick?2018-04-11T19:35:09+00:00

    Well we recommend you give us a call, unless you know exactly what you want and how the design will work then this is your best bet. Next step is to print our board order form from the bottom of the pricing page. On this form you can design the paint job you want, you can alter the shape, and specify what ever else you want. Then you should either scan it and email it to us, or better, call us and come over and meet with us. We can get started right there, we want this process to be as personal as possible, when your done you should have an idea how a surfboard is made and exactly what goes into designing one on paper and transferring it to foam. Talk to you soon.

    Why do You use epoxy?2018-04-11T19:35:42+00:00

    We primarily use epoxy resin to laminate our boards because of its properties. Epoxy is safer to work with in the glassing room because of its lack of toxic fumes, its curing time is much longer and can be regulated far easier than polyurethane resin, and it can be cleaned up using Go-Jo soap. Epoxy is also harder yet more flexible than polyurethane creating a more dynamic surfboard.

    What is the difference between EPS and Polyurethane?2018-04-11T19:36:24+00:00

    EPS stands for expanded polystyrene. The foam is very similar to your standard foam cooler that is used to keep your drinks cold during the summer. The only difference is the size of the cells or foam beads. In expanded polystyrene the cells are about 1/8th the size of your regular lunch cooler. This is the difference between polyurethane and EPS, EPS foam cells are larger, and polyurethane cells are small almost sand-sized. The other difference between poly and EPS foam is how it is glassed. Both foams can be hand shaped the same way, but when it comes to lamination EPS must be coated using epoxy, if polyurethane based resin is used the foam melts. Polyurethane foam blanks can be laminated with either epoxy or polyurethane resin.

    Do you make all types of boards?2018-04-11T19:36:56+00:00

    YES! we can shape anything you want, from 9’6″ long boards to 4’6″ grom sticks. you name it we can make it for you.

    Can I see my Boards?2018-04-11T19:37:33+00:00

    Absolutely! Our goal at 757 Surfboards is to involve the customer. We encourage people to schedule time with us to watch us make your board. We have never experienced this from anywhere before and feel that by allowing our customers this opportunity we bring your knowledge of what your riding to a better level and hopefully your surfing experience too.

    Also, 757 incorporates social media to keep you up to date with the latest going on with your board. If you provide the info in the order form and want to see it, we will tag you in pictures and videos as the board develops.

    FCS or Future?2018-04-11T19:38:03+00:00

    What a dilemma! Well here is the scoop. It is all preference, really! its what you want. We use the FCS fusion fin system standard on our boards because the FCS fusion box allows us to install the fins easier then the old system. It is stronger and cleaner than the old X-2 system. Now Futures, this system is very similar to the FCS fusion and has been around longer, the box is larger than the fusion and has been found to flex less. Both systems are installed directly into the foam before glassing. The difference performance wise for these fin systems are flex. The FCS fusion system allows for slightly more flex and energy transfer into the board its self then the futures do, this said the futures are not far behind and to be honest choosing one or the other won’t make you the next Kelly or Dane. Its all preference, if you have plenty of future fins lying around then use futures. If you have FCS then use FCS. All our boards come standard with the FCS fusion system and fins unless you specify otherwise.


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