Key Specs

  • Flat entry rocker

  • Medium rail

  • Low exit rocker with a flip

  • Extra full outline

  • Tucked tail

  • Single to double concave with vee

Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Blank
  • Premium resin
  • Deck patch
  • Thruster fin setup
  • Resin tip
  • Leash tie
  • Warranty

Custom Features

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As death approaches, unlucky souls see the Reaper coming knowing it’s time. For those smaller waves they’ll see you walking down the beach with the Reaper and know death is upon them. The Reaper will collect waves and leave skulls behind as it slays small waves out of existence. A short stubby outline allows for foam to be distributed outward leaving the need for a thicker fishy feel out. This makes for maximum speed and explosive performance. Setting a nice single to double concave exiting with a vee off the tail make this board race down the wave and respond like a shortboard. Extremely fast and loose the Reaper takes small wave surfing to the next level. This is not a fish! The Reaper is a high performance board that will match your shortboard in every aspect of wave riding, but built for smaller mushier surf.